Bima Ki Kahani

Bima Ki Kahani (The story of insurance)

A fiction in Kavad (wooden boxes used for storytelling in Rajasthan, India)

(Wood, enamel paints, gold leaf, paper clay, plastic threads)

The story opens at the Compulsory Wig Shop which has wigs made of optical fibers that are connected to the internet and display the wearer’s social media affability in several colours. In this place, people are cordial and generously admire each other’s hair. This world can be seen through two filters; a regular filter showing everything as it is, and the AI filter that reveals the world of technical data. In this world, a man sees an old woman carrying a heavy shopping bag and offers to help. The heavy bag strains his muscles, activating a microchip in his body which signals him to drop the heavy weight. In an act of chivalry, the man continues to carry the bag and sends a risk notification to the cloud where algorithms reside and work. How will the algorithms perceive his kind gesture and reward him?

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