I saw you and I knew

I saw you and I knew

Stop Motion Animation / 3’ 20”
(16:9 with Bollywood music and English subtitles)

The work is inspired from two songs of Bollywood films from different time periods.
One was shot in the early 80’s in the tulip fields of Holland. In the second film from mid 90’s a second generation expatriate couple meet in a blooming mustard field. Both these scenes became iconographic in Indian film history But how could the wild mustard flower equal an expensive tulip? The  work  provokes the question of value.

During my childhood, raisins were expensive and were eaten only during the festive season. During my stay in Germany, I ate them every morning in my breakfast muesli and was reminded of the difference of values. The golden raisins become a symbol of value and replace the tulips and mustard flowers in the fields.



I saw you and I knew