Man and Master

A game of cards as a psychological act

Since ages man has found himself trapped in this existential question- Who controls him, Who is his master? This unusual game of cards analyses two thought systems that potentially control man- Astrology and Neurology. Some say man’s destiny is written by his stars. Others say our brain that controls our actions decides our destinies. An astrologer and a medical practitioner sit face to face to find an answer

cardsSample cards

(Blue green and yellow cards depict the nine planets, twelve zodiac and twelve houses of the horoscope respectively and are played by the astrologer. Pink cards depict major neurotransmitters and hormones found in humans and are played by the neurologist.)

Sample dialogues:

Astrologer throws the following card and says:
cards 1

“According to this combination a man will be born in a poor family and will have work very hard.”

Neurologist replies by throwing the following card:
cards 3
“Because the man will be poor, he will not have enough to eat. So I will increase his Cholecystokinin which is a hunger suppressant, so that he can save money by skipping meals.”


He throws the following combination of cards and says:
“I will decrease his Melatonin so that the man will not feel sleepy and can work day and night. I will also increase his Dopamine which will motivate him to achieve success. I will also increase his Thyroxin which will increase his rate of metabolism and he will always have more energy. I will also increase Oxcytocin which will reduce his anxiety and protect him against stress. All this will help him work hard and he will soon become rich due to his hard work.”

Astrologer then plays:

According to these star positions, a man  will face problems in his love affairs.

Neurologist answers with the following card:
cards 2
“This may happen because he is sexually hyperactive and having two affairs at the same time. Here I have Prolactin which is usually associated with the hormones of the female, but small quantities of Prolactin are found in men. Increasing his blood Prolactin will diminish his sexual arousal so he may stick to only one partner and reduce his problems.”

1240Live performance at Goethe Institute, Kolkata on September 26, 2013 from 18:30-20:00 hours.