Manufacturing LIFE

Film with sound(16:9, 14 min)

An artistic assumption of how human life is created. Before a new person is born, three
games are played to determine his time and place of birth, his gender and the course of his
life. A maschine records the information in the form of a graph which is read by the new
born person towards the end of the film.

Stills from video:


m04A saint on the river bank plays a game of horoscopes with a pair of dice and a sand clock to determine the place, date and time of birth. The nine planets are counters that are to be moved on the board which has twelve houses.


m14A pair of twins play book cricket to determine the gender of the person to be born.



m18A pair of factory workers play the card game Man and Master to decide the course of life. A machine records their conversation in the form of a graph.

m21The newborn person reads the graph to decode the course of her life.