The cardgame ‘Pictorules’ is inspired from my travels in public transport services which provides observations about characters, conversations and cultures, An important analysis was how public transport vehicles function as places for social management. Do’s and don’ts appear often as pictograms in public transport vehides. Are they pictorgramical laws? Are they written down some where? What happens in case of disobedience? How are laws made, for what purposes and based on which justifications. Can they be twisted? The game parodies the process of law making and obedience. It displays varied cultural backgrounds, legal perceptions. ethics and morals. It tests the player’s capability to debate, convince and manipulate. As an artistic medium it combines the visual and the oral arts.

060Logo of the card game

View of the cards- back, front (with red line and without)View of the cards- back, front (with the red line and without)

Some base designsSample cards

Stills from documentation:
I want to sleep and yawn in the bus

-“I want to sleep and yawn in the bus”

-“No you shouldn’t do that. There are tourists in the bus who will have a bad impression. They will think that life in our country is so stressful that people dont even get enough sleep at home. Maybe these tourists were planning to settle in our country after retirement and now they wont and we will lose the foreign currency that they would have brought along.”