As a creative practitioner treading on path towards eclecticism, my artistic practice has traversed through various phases during my Bachelors, Masters and now as I undertake a practice-led PhD in fine arts. These various phases have seen differences in materials mediums and ideas. The initial phase of my training as an artist at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (2004-08) focused on sculpture, material exploration and mastering skills. This changed radically when I travelled to Germany for my Masters at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart (2008-2013) and immersed myself in the conceptual realm, working with autobiographical and cultural identities and experimenting with performances of card games and making artist books. My current practice-led PhD at RMIT University, Melbourne (2020-2023) involves exploring the practice of picture recitation and is heavily involved with creating narratives. As a theme I am exploring the interiority of my body as well as the realms of ArtScience and Futurism.

About my current research:


Picture recitation is a form of prosimetric storytelling which uses a visual artifact. Various forms of picture recitation traditions have existed in India in the past but are almost extinct today. My original contribution to knowledge will propose methods for the revival of this art form through composition of new narratives, visual art studio practice and performance. Fiction (composed from research in Neuroscience and Microbiology) recited as contemporary spoken word poetry with simultaneous depiction of illustrations executed on traditional  picture recitation props such as scroll paintings and Kaavads, aims to create a new form of performative storytelling.


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